File Your One-Participant Plans Electronically Using Form 5500-SF; They Are Now Excluded from Online Search Database


Beginning January 1, 2012, Form 5500-SF information for “one-participant plans” will not be available to the public on DOL’s website.

One-participant plans cover only a business owner and his or her spouse, or cover only one or more partners or partners and their spouses in a business partnership. Annual returns of one-participant plans can be filed by:

  • electronically using Form 5500-SF with the Department of Labor’s EFAST2 system, if certain conditions are met
  • completing and mailing a paper Form 5500-EZ (PDF) to IRS.

However, electronic filing makes the process easier for the filer and increases data accuracy.

Visit the Form 5500 Corner webpage, and see the instructions for Form 5500-SF and the instructions for Form 5500-EZ for additional information on one-participant plans.