Form 8805 remaining attached to Form 8804This figure illustrates a 2021 revision of Form 8804 and Form 8805 reporting the IRC Regulation 1446 income and taxes withheld on behalf of the foreign partnership. This document is to remain attached to the foreign partnerships Form 8804 tax return to support the taxes withheld and reported on Form 8804. Displayed - Completed Part I of Foreign Partners Form 8804Line 1a: Zaranik LTD {The name control Zara is underlined in red.}Line 1b: 00-7654321Line 1c: 12 Lake Qarum StreetLine 1d: Cairo 11511 Egypt {The country name of Egypt is circled in red, and the country code is edited in the following format /EG/$ with red ink.}DO NOT DETACH {is written at the top of Form 8805 to serve as the example with the payer information appearing on lines 5a through 5c.}Line 1a: Zaranik LTDLine 1b: 00-7654321Line 5a: Elm PartnershipLine 5b: 00-1234567