The following items are not to be acquired by purchase, rental, transfer, or other means, from any source, except upon prior NCITA approval.Depending on position requirements, each Special Agent (GS-1811) will be issued the following, which will be tracked, as required in the appropriate database:Pocket CommissionEnforcement BadgeBelt Badge and HolderGovernment Owned Vehicle (GOV)Two Way GOV Radio with Siren/PA SystemHandheld Radio w/Surveillance PackFirearm w/3 MagazinesBody ArmorAdvice of Rights CardBinocularsDouble Magazine HolderHandcuffs and HolderFirearms Security Box for HomeFirearms Security Box for OfficeHolster for WeaponTrigger LockNotebook Computer w/SoftwareCellular PhoneOC Spray and HolderGearbagWebgearFlexcuffsMaglightSure Fire FlashlightRaid JacketsRaid CapSearch GlovesEar ProtectionEye ProtectionEmergency LightsRoad FlaresEach employee will be issued the following, depending on position requirements:Travel CardFleet CardPurchase CardPhone Card