CORRESPOND FOR THE SOURCE OF EARNED INCOME: EIC CLAIMED ON LINE 27aShown are portions of page 1 and page 2, Form 1040.Page 1 contains the following entries: Partial pages 1 and 2 of Form 1040 shows the following entries: Line 1, Wages, salaries, tips, etc. Attach Form(s) W-2 - 4185.Line 9, This is your total income - 4185.Line 11, This is your adjusted gross income - 4185.Line 27a, EIC - 538Line 32 - 538Lines 33, 34, and 35a - 538Text box is present over the graphic reads, No income documents attached: RESEARCH. Instruction at bottom of the graphic reads, Correspond only if the FS is other than 3 or 6, Line 11 of Form 1040 is less than $51,464 (57,414 for FS2) and the amount cannot be determined to be non-earned income.