Correcting Plan Errors - Fill-in VCP Forms


Revenue Procedure 2021-30 PDF encourages you to use model documents to help you complete the Voluntary Correction Program (VCP) submission process. 

Model VCP submission documents

Use IRS forms from the Form 14568 series to streamline your Voluntary Correction Program submission. You may not modify the format and content of these forms.

Form 14568, Model VCP Compliance Statement

The model VCP compliance statement helps ensure you include all necessary information in your VCP submission.

  • Form 14568 PDF, Model VCP Compliance Statement
  • Don’t forget to include any required narrative attachments 

Schedules (Forms 14568-A through 14568-I)

You can use one or more of these schedules with Form 14568 to resolve certain qualification failures. If you aren't using Form 14568, you may still use these schedules.

Acknowledgement Letter

  • Letter 5265 PDF, Form 8950 Application for Voluntary Correction Program Acknowledgement Letter

Forms 8950 and 8951

Include both with your submission:

Forms 2848 and 8821

Use Form 2848 if you want someone to represent you with regard to your VCP submission. Use Form 8821 to designate someone to receive copies of IRS issued correspondence. 

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