TE/GE Secure Messaging


Secure Messaging is a fast and safe way to connect online with us about your Tax Exempt/Government Entities (TE/GE) contact.

With Secure Messaging, you can:

  • Correspond with an IRS employee at your convenience through your web browser
  • Exchange documents quickly and securely
  • Reduce the need to call or wait for mail delivery

Access Secure Messaging

Who can use Secure Messaging

Taxpayers and authorized representatives invited by the IRS can use Secure Messaging.

How Secure Messaging works

IRS Secure Messaging is similar to a web-based email service. Messages can be securely sent to you by IRS employees. You can respond and attach documents related to your TE/GE compliance activity.

When you have a secure message waiting for you, we send a notification email to the address you provide on Form 15314, TE/GE Secure Messaging Taxpayer Agreement Authorization of Disclosure to Designated UsersPDF. The notification includes a link to the Secure Messaging center. To protect your privacy and prevent identity theft, notification emails do not include taxpayer identifying information.

The IRS saves all messages as a digital record of your communications with us.

Video: Communicate with IRS TE/GE in Real Time via Secure Messaging

How to create an account

If you're invited to use Secure Messaging, you can create an account. Follow these steps:

  • Review the Terms of service and rules of conduct and determine if you agree with them
  • Complete Form 15314PDF, including Appendix A, and return it to the IRS agent
  • Check your inbox for an IRS email and use the credentials to create a Secure Messaging account

How to share access with an authorized representative

To share access to Secure Messaging with an authorized representative:

  1. Authorize the representative to receive your tax correspondence. If your authorization is not on file with the IRS, you can grant authorization online or complete and sign:
  2. Add the authorized representative’s name to Appendix A and complete and sign Form 15314PDF