Internal Revenue Bulletin:  2005-52 

December 27, 2005 


Table of Contents

T.D. 9230 T.D. 9230

Final regulations under section 6043 of the Code require information reporting by a corporation if control of the corporation is acquired or the corporation has a substantial change in capital structure, and the corporation or any shareholder is required to recognize gain (if any) under section 367(a) and the regulations. The regulations also pertain to information reporting requirements for brokers with respect to transactions described in section 6043(c).

Notice 2005-93 Notice 2005-93

This notice contains a proposed revenue procedure that would provide guidance to tax return preparers regarding the format and content of consents to use and consents to disclose tax return information under proposed section 301.7216-3 of the regulations, which was filed with the Federal Register contemporaneously with the public release of this notice on December 7, 2005. The proposed revenue procedure would also provide specific requirements for electronic signatures when a taxpayer executes an electronic consent to the use or disclosure of the taxpayer’s tax return information.

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