Internal Revenue Bulletin:  2007-38 

September 17, 2007 


T.D. 9351 T.D. 9351

Final regulations under section 6111 of the Code provide rules relating to the disclosure of reportable transactions by material advisors who must disclose transactions under section 6111 and material advisors who maintain lists under section 6112.

T.D. 9352 T.D. 9352

Final regulations under section 6112 of the Code provide rules relating to the list maintenance obligation of material advisors who must maintain lists under section 6112.

Announcement 2007-77 Announcement 2007-77

This document contains corrections to proposed regulations (REG-103842-07, 2007-28 I.R.B. 79) that involve the deduction for income attributable to domestic production activities under section 199 of the Code and that affect taxpayers who produce qualified films under sections 199(c)(4)(A)(i)(II) and (c)(6) and taxpayers who are members of an expanded affiliated group under section 199(d)(4).

Announcement 2007-78 Announcement 2007-78

This document contains corrections to final regulations (T.D. 9321, 2007-19 I.R.B. 1123) which set forth guidance on the application of secton 409A of the Code to nonqualified deferred compensation plans.

Announcement 2007-80 Announcement 2007-80

This document contains corrections to temporary regulations (T.D. 9330, 2007-31 I.R.B. 239) that apply to corporations that have undergone ownership changes within the meaning of section 382 of the Code. The regulations also provide guidance regarding the treatment of prepaid income under the built-in gain provisions of section 382(h).

Announcement 2007-81 Announcement 2007-81

This document provides a change of location for a public hearing on proposed regulations (REG-119097-05, 2007-28 I.R.B. 74) providing guidance on the portion of a trust properly includible in a grantor’s gross estate under sections 2036 and 2039 of the Code if the grantor has retained the use of property in a trust or the right to annuity, unitrust, or other income payment from such trust for life, for any period not ascertainable without reference to the grantor’s death, or for a period that does not in fact end before the grantor’s death.

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