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Internal Revenue Bulletin:  2009-38 

September 21, 2009 


Rev. Rul. 2009-25 Rev. Rul. 2009-25

E&P determinations for section 264(a)(4) disallowed interest. This ruling addresses when interest that is disallowed as a deduction under section 264(a)(4) of the Code is taken into account in determining earnings and profits.

Rev. Rul. 2009-26 Rev. Rul. 2009-26

Single insured-reinsurance. This ruling presents two situations to illustrate the application of insurance principles to whether a reinsurance arrangement is sufficient for the assuming company to qualify as an insurance company under section 831(c) of the Code. The guidance holds that 1) where the only business of the assuming company is the assumption of a block of business that itself constitutes insurance, the assuming company qualifies as an insurance company and 2) where the assuming company enters into agreements with various insurance companies, an agreement with one ceding company that involves the risks of a single policyholder should be treated as reinsuring risks such that the assuming company qualifies as an insurance company.

Notice 2009-73 Notice 2009-73

2009 Section 43 inflation adjustment factor. This notice announces the inflation adjustment factor and phase-out amount for the enhanced oil recovery credit for taxable years beginning in the 2009 calendar year. The notice also contains the previously published figures for taxable years beginning in the 1991 through 2008 calendar years.

Notice 2009-74 Notice 2009-74

2009 marginal production rates. This notice announces the applicable percentage under section 613A of the Code to be used in determining percentage depletion for marginal properties for the 2009 calendar year.

Rev. Proc. 2009-39 Rev. Proc. 2009-39

This procedure amplifies, clarifies, and modifies Rev. Proc. 2008-52, which provides procedures for taxpayers to obtain automatic consent for the changes in method of accounting described in its APPENDIX. This procedure also clarifies and modifies Rev. Proc. 97-27, as amplified and modified by Rev. Proc. 2002-19, as amplified and clarified by Rev. Proc. 2002-54, and as modified by Rev. Proc. 2007-67, which provides the general procedures for obtaining non-automatic consent for changes in method of accounting. Rev. Procs. 97-27 clarified and modified, 2005-63 modified, and 2008-52 amplified, clarified, and modified.

Announcement 2009-67 Announcement 2009-67

This announcement corrects certain procedures in Rev. Proc. 2009-39 for a taxpayer that has a refund or credit under review by the Joint Committee on Taxation and that wants to obtain the Commissioner’s consent to a change in method of accounting under Rev. Proc. 2008-52 (automatic change) or Rev. Proc. 97-27 (non-automatic change). Rev. Proc. 2009-39 modified.

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