Internal Revenue Bulletin:  2010-41 

October 12, 2010 


Notice 2010-64 Notice 2010-64

Extension of replacement period for livestock sold on account of drought. This notice explains the circumstances under which the 4-year replacement period under section 1033(e)(2) of the Code is extended for livestock sold on account of drought. This notice also contains a list of the counties that experienced exceptional, extreme, or severe drought during the preceding 12-month period ending August 31, 2010. Taxpayers may use this list to determine if an extension is available.

Notice 2010-65 Notice 2010-65

The notice announces that the Treasury Department and the IRS intend to exercise regulatory authority under section 901(l)(3) of the Code not to apply the credit disallowance rules of section 901(l) to foreign withholding taxes on (1) royalties received in “ordinary course” back-to-back licenses of intellectual property and articles embodying intellectual property and (2) direct sales from the U.S. of copies of copyrighted articles. The notice solicits comments on the exception as well as on related issues under section 901(l). Notice 2005-90 supplemented.

Announcement 2010-75 Announcement 2010-75

This document is part of a series of announcements relating to the Service’s announcement that it was developing a schedule requiring certain business taxpayers to report uncertain tax positions on their tax returns. This announcement explains the actions being taken by the IRS in response to the comments received on the proposed schedule and instructions.

Announcement 2010-76 Announcement 2010-76

This document announces that the Service is expanding its policy of restraint in connection with its decision to require certain corporations to file Schedule UTP, Uncertain Tax Position Statement, and will forgo seeking particular documents that relate to uncertain tax positions and the workpapers that document the completion of Schedule UTP.

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