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Internal Revenue Bulletin:  2011-1 

January 3, 2011 

Additional Checklist for Government Pick-Up Plan Ruling Requests

In order to assist EP Technical in processing a ruling request involving government pick-up plans, in addition to the items in Appendix B please check the following list.

Yes No N/A Page 1. Is the plan qualified under § 401(a) of the Code? (Evidence of qualification or representation that the plan is qualified.)
Yes No N/A Page 2. Is the organization that established the plan a State or political subdivision thereof, or any agency or instrumentality of the foregoing? An example of this would be a representation that the organization that has established the plan is a political subdivision or municipality of the State.
Yes No N/A Page 3. Is there specific information regarding who are the eligible participants?
Yes No N/A Page 4. Are the contributions that are the subject of the ruling request mandatory employee contributions? These contributions must be for a specified dollar amount or a specific percentage of the participant’s compensation and the dollar amount or percentage of compensation cannot be subject to change.
Yes No N/A Page 5. Does the plan provide that the participants do not have the election to opt in and/or out of the plan?
Yes No N/A Page 6. Are copies of the enacting legislation providing that the contributions although designated as employee contributions are being paid by the employer in lieu of contributions by the employee included?
Yes No N/A Page 7. Are copies of the specific enabling authorization that provides the employee must not have the option of choosing to receive the contributed amounts directly instead of having them paid by the employer to the plan included? For example, a resolution, ordinance, plan provision, or collective bargaining agreement could specify this information.

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