Internal Revenue Bulletin:  2011-41 

October 11, 2011 


Table of Contents

Announcement 2011-63 Announcement 2011-63

The IRS has revoked its determination that Allied Veterans of the World, Inc., & Affiliates of Charlotte, NC; Metropolitan Financial Management Corporation of Roseville, MN; Saint Rest No. 2 Missionary Baptist Church of Chicago, IL; American Homebuyers Foundation, Inc., of Conyers, GA; Bundle of Joy Daycare, Inc., of Long Beach, CA; Columbia Basin Animal Rescue and Protection Agency of Kennewick, WA; Handicap Interests International and World Religions of Saranac Lake, NY; Holographic Ecology, Inc., of Santa Barbara, CA; Mattie's Maternity Homes of Palmdale, CA; Monytek Human Services, Inc., of Pendleton, OR; and Community Day Care Center of Abbeyville, LA, qualify as organizations described in sections 501(c)(3) and 170(c)(2) of the Code.

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