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Internal Revenue Bulletin:  2015-6 

February 9, 2015 


Rev. Rul. 2015–3Rev. Rul. 2015–3

Federal rates; adjusted federal rates; adjusted federal long-term rate and the long-term exempt rate. For purposes of sections 382, 642, 1274, 1288, and other sections of the Code, tables set forth the rates for February 2015.

Notice 2015–8Notice 2015–8

Notice 2015–8 provides guidance on Section 45R for certain small employers that cannot offer a qualified health plan (QHP) through the Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) Exchange because the employer’s principal business address is in a county in Iowa in which a QHP through a SHOP Exchange will not be available for all or part of the 2015 calendar year.

Notice 2015–9Notice 2015–9

This Notice provides limited penalty relief for taxpayers who have a balance due on their 2014 income tax return as a result of reconciling advance payments of the premium tax credit against the premium tax credit allowed on the tax return.

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