Title: Batch Input Display - Sample Input. Description: Represents a screen shot showing the input of CC AMSOC for the non-examined closing of 5 different tax modules. Line 1 begins with AMSOC followed by the BATCH-IND "L", followed by the BLOCK-NUM "100", followed by TERMINAL-SEQUENCE-NUM "1001", each item being separated by a single space. Lines 2 through 6 consist of the TIN, followed by the TAX-PERIOD, followed by the NAME-CONTROL, followed by the DISPOSAL-CODE. Each element is separated by space. Each TIN is different. Line 4 shows spaces for the TAX-PERIOD and DISP-CD. Line 5 shows spaces for the TAX-PERIOD. The use of spaces for these elements would mean that the TAX-PERIOD or DISP-CD from the previous line shall be used.