This is the start of the Work Request Management System (WRMS) Process Overview. Box 1 Level 1 Work Request Required. Box 2 WR created, reviewed and approved. Box 3 BSP/ERB Approval Process. Box 4 Level 2 IT Primary Coordination. Box 5 Impact Cost Analysis (ICA) Summary. Box 6 ICA Summary. Box 7 ICA Summary. Box 8 ICA Summary. Box 9. Box 10 Level 3 ACIO Dispatcher/Coordinators. Box 11 ICA Details. Box 12 ICA Details. Box 13 ICA Details. Box 14 Level 4 Division Dispatchers & Coordinators/Resources. Box 15 Division Coordinators assigns to Resource, who enters cost & scheduling info. Then Division and ACIO Approvers approve. Box 16 Level 5 Final Disposition. Box 17 BPRM consolidates ACIO ICA Summaries and Approve or Denies. Box 18 Resources enter actual staff days & costs. Box 19 Work Completed.