Editing suppression of credit interestFigure 3.11.14-2 is an example of editing CCC X to suppress credit interest when the filer requests part of the refund be applied to another account. Shown is a folded section of a completed Form 1041. A note is attached requesting to apply the refund to a previous tax year. Computer Condition Code X is edited in the middle of the dotted part of Line 1 (Interest Income). The bottom section of Form 1041 shows an overpayment of 50 dollars. A text box in the bottom middle of Form 1041 reads: 1. Edit CCC X. 2. Photocopy pages 1 - 3 of Form 1041 (page 1 of Form 1041-QFT/1041N). 3. Prepare Form 3465, attach to the photocopy and forward to Accounts Management. 4. Notate Form 3465 PREPARED on the original Form 1041.