Edit Fiduciary Code “9”Figure 3.11.14-22 shows an example of editing Fiduciary Code 9 as described above. Pictured is a completed Form 1041 showing the edit of Fiduciary Code 9. Section A, Type of Entity, shows the Complex trust box is checked and Fiduciary Code 9 is edited to the right of the Simple Trust box. Section E, the (Described in section 4947(a)(2)) box is checked. A text box reads: EDIT FIDUCIARY CODE 9. Also, edit Audit Code 6 to the left of Line 10 in 1 - 6 format. There are three arrows pointing away from the text box. One arrow is pointing to the Fiduciary Code 9, one arrow is pointing to Section E (Described in section 4947(a)(2)) checked box. The third arrow is pointing to the placement of Audit Code 6, in the left margin of Form 1041 next to Line 10, Interest, in 1 - 6 format.