Line 5 Amount Doesn't Match Schedule EFigure 3.11.14-30 shows how to edit Line 5 when blank and Schedule E is attached showing reportable income. Pictured is the top half of a completed current year Form 1041 and a folded part of Schedule E, Form 1040.Form 1041, Line 5 original entry was blank. 1,860 dollars is edited to line 5.Form 1041, Lines 1, 3, and 7 have entries totaling 4450 dollars on line 9, Total Income. Line 5, Rents royalties, partnerships, other estates and trusts, etc., shows an edited amount of 1860 dollars. Schedule E (Form 1040) shows 1860 dollars on line 41, Total Income or loss. An arrow in the right margin is pointing to the amount on line 41.