Negative Deductions are Reported and Line 16 is PositiveFigure 3.11.14-35 shows an example of editing return when negative deductions are reported and Line 16 is positive. Pictured is the top half of a completed current year Form 1041 through line 22, Taxable Income. The following lines have dollar entries: Line 1 (600), Line 4 (250), Line 7 (100) Line 8 (100) which has an X and (150) is edited to the left, Line 9 (1050) which has an X and (1100) edited to the left. Line 12, Fiduciary Fees, has a negative 50 dollars. This amount was X out and Line 8, Other Income, was recalculated and 150 dollars was edited to the left of line 8. Line 9, Total Income, was recalculated and 1100 dollars was edited to the left of line 9. Line 16 was recalculated, and 350 dollars was edited to line 16. A text box underneath the Form 1041 reads: Xany negative entries on Lines 10 through 15b and add to Line 8. Recalculate Line 9 if needed.