Editing Line 18 if blank from Schedule K-1 attachedFigure 3.11.14-37 shows an example of editing Line 18 and Schedule K-1 is attached with entries. Pictured is a completed current year 2023 Form 1041 (folded) and shows the top part and Lines 6 through 24. There is a text box under line 21 that reads: Line 15 of Schedule B is blank and cannot be computed. 3000 dollars was edited to blank line 18. Also pictured, is the top half of a completed Schedule K-1 placed underneath the Form 1041. There is a text box on the right of the Schedule K-1 that reads: If Line 18 of Form 1041 is blank and Line 15 of Schedule B is blank and cannot be computed, compute Lines 1, 2a, 3, 4a, 5, 6, 7 and 8 of Schedule K-1. Edit amount to Line 18 of Form 1041. Part III, Beneficiary's Share of Current Year Income, Deductions, Credits, and Other Items show the following line number and dollar amounts: Line 1 100 dollars, Line 2a 200 dollars, Line 3 700 dollars, line 4a 800 dollars, line 5 200 dollars, line 6 600 dollars, line 7 100 dollars, and line 8 300 dollars.