Fiduciary EINFigure 3.11.14-43 shows an example when a Fiduciary's EIN must be present as described above. Pictured is a completed current year Form 1041 showing arrows pointing to the following:Fiduciary code 2, to the left of the Simple Trust box.Fiduciary name Cardinal Bank.Line 23. Taxable Income (shows a positive amount of 8,000 dollars). Line 10, Schedule G. Estimated tax payments (shows 150 dollars).The Fiduciary's EIN 00-2406247The signature section shows the Signature, date and EIN of fiduciary. A text box shown in the center of the Paid Preparer's Section reads: FIDUCIARY EIN. An arrow is pointing from the text box to the written EIN, which has an edited a red check mark to the right of the EIN.