Line 4, 1041 is blank and Schedule D is attached with positive entryFigure 3.11.14-55 shows an example of editing Line 4 from Schedule D, Line 19(3). Pictured is the top third of a completed current Form 1041, calendar year return with no entry on Line 4 of original return and page 2, Schedule D, Part III. Form 1041, Line 4 has an edited entry of 1,825 dollars (with an arrow is pointing to the amount).Schedule D, Part III, shows 1,825 dollars on lines 18a (column 2 and 3) and on line 19 (column 2 and 3). Below the pictured schedule D is a text box that reads: A positive amount edited to line 4 of Form 1041 is supported by Line 19(3), Schedule D, Part III. A negative amount is supported by Line 20, Schedule D, Part IV or Line 19(3) if Line 20 is blank, zero, illegible, or missing.