Exhibit 3.11.106-2 - Form 706-NA, Page 1Summary: This is an example of the current year revision of Form 706-NA, United States Estate (and Generation-Skipping Transfer) Tax Return (Estate of nonresident not a citizen of the United States), showing transcription lines. The following items are transcribed:CCC P&I CodeUnder Part 1 - Decedent, Executor, and Attorney:1a. Decedent's first name and middle initial1b. Decedent's last name (Name Control)2. U.S. taxpayer ID number (if any)6. Date of Death7a. Date of Birth9a. Name of Executor9b. Address (Executor)Under Part 2 - Tax Computation1. Taxable estate2. Total taxable gifts3. Total (add lines 1 and 2)4. Tentative tax on the amount on line 35. Tentative tax on the amount on line 26. Gross estate (subtract line 5 from line 4)7. Unified credit8. Balance (subtract line 7 from line 6)9. Other Credits10. Credit for tax on prior transfers11. Total (add lines 9 and 10)12. Net estate tax (subtract line 11 from line 8)13. Total generation-skipping transfer tax14. Total transfer taxes15. Earlier payments16. Balance due (subtract line 15 from line 14) (PIC)Expatriate CodeERS Code