Exhibit 3.11.106-3 - Form 706-A, Page 1Summary: This is an example of a Form 706-A, United States Additional Estate Tax Return, showing transcription lines. The following items are transcribed:CCCTax PeriodUnder Part 1 - General Information:1a. Heir's Name1b. Heir's Address2. Heir's SSN4. Decedent's name reported on Form 7065. Decedent's social security number6. Date of DeathUnder Part 2 - Tax Computation:1c. Balance (subtract line 1b from line 1a)2c. Balance (subtract line 2b from line 2a)3c. Balance (subtract line 3b from line 3a) (received date)4. Divide line 1c by line 2c and enter the result as a percentage5. Total estate tax saved (multiply line 3c by percentage on line 4)7. Divide line 6 by line 1a and enter the result as a percentage8. Multiply line 5 by percentage on line 712. Enter the total of column D, Schedule A, page 213. Enter the total of column E, Schedule A, page 214. Balance (subtract line 13 from line 12) (but enter the line 12 amount in the case of a disposition of standing timber on qualified woodland)16. Enter the total cost (or FMV) from Schedule B17. Divide line 16 by line 12 and enter the result as a percentage (do not enter more than 100%)18. Multiply line 15 by percentage on line 1719. Additional estate tax, subtract line 18 from line 15 (do not enter less than zero)P&I Code