Exhibit 3.11.106-8 - Form 706-QDT, Page 1Summary: This is an example of a Form 706-QDT, U.S. Estate Tax Return for Qualified Domestic Trusts, showing transcription lines. The following items are transcribed:Under Part 1 - General Information:1a. Name of surviving spouse1b. TIN of surviving spouse3a. Surviving spouses Date of Death (if applicable)4a. Name of decedent4c. Service center where Form 706 (or 706-NA) for decedents estate was filed4d. Decedent's Date of DeathUnder Part 3 - Tax Computation1. Current taxable trust distributions (total from Part 2 of Schedule A)2. Value of taxable trust property at Date of Death (if applicable) (total from Part 3 of Schedule A)3. Add lines 1 and 24. Charitable and marital deductions (total from column d, Part 4 of Schedule A)5. Net tentative taxable amount (subtract line 4 from line 3)6. Prior taxable events (total from Part 1 of Schedule A)7. Taxable estate of the decedent (received date)8. Add lines 6 and 79. Add lines 5 and 810. Recomputation of decedents estate tax based on the amount on line 911. Recomputation of decedents estate tax based on the amount on line 812. Net estate tax (subtract line 11 from line 10)13. Payment made with request for extension, if any, and credit under section 2056A(b)(2)(B)(ii)14. Tax due (if the amount on line 12 exceeds the amount on line 13, enter the difference here)15. Overpayment (if the amount on line 13 exceeds the amount on line 12, enter the difference here)