This shows Form 7004 editing of CCC W. 06 is edited in the top left corner, indicating the MFT for Form 1065.CCC W is edited in the top middle margin of the form.Tax Period 2107 is edited to the right of the form name, above the entity portion of the form.The name and address portion of the form, including the identifying number, has been completed by the taxpayer.The name of the taxpayer is THE ASPEN GROUP.ASPE is underlined to indicate the name control.Identifying number is 00-1111111.Line 1 Form Code entered by the taxpayer is 09, indicating Form 1065.A timely IRS received date, 10152021, is stamped on the form.The taxpayer entered tax year beginning 01-01, 2021, and ending 07-31, 2021 on line 5a, to indicate a short tax year return.The Final return box is checked on Line 5b.