This shows locations of required field entries.The following items are shown: The numeric 1 is shown in the Date block - date of IRS action or the Received Date. Enter in MMDDYYYY format.The numeric 2 is shown in the Taxpayer name block - enter the Name Control.The numeric 3 is shown in the EIN or SSN block - enter a nine-digit EIN or SSN.The numeric 4 is shown on the blank line to the right of Extension of time for filing granted to (enter date) - enter the extended due date in MMDDYY format when applicable.The numeric 5 is shown under the MFT Code column - enter applicable MFT Code.The numeric 6 is shown under the Taxable Period column - enter Tax Period in YYMM format.The numeric 7 is shown to the right of the word Other under the Explanation column - enter the Plan Number (EPMF) in the space to the right of Other.The numeric 8 is shown at the bottom left at the end of the Transaction Code column - underline the preprinted Transaction Code or enter applicable code in Other box.