Figure 3.11.213-2 provides an example of editing the Action Code for correspondence request. The Form 1066 has 647G edited in the return entity area to establish the name control for GNMA Trust Number 647.Address line indicates 1426 Duck Lane, Minneapolis, MN 55401Box A indicates EIN 00-3337777.Box B indicates Jan 1988 as date REMIC was started.Box C indicates $493,214.11 in total assets at end of year.Section I line 1, indicates $32,194.10 in taxable interest.Line 4 indicates $4,000.00 in ordinary gain.Line 6 indicates $36,194.10 in total income.Section II line 1 indicates $36,194.10 in total tax.Section II, Line 2 indicates $36,194.10 in tax paid.Form 1066 received date stamp of 03152024 in Ogden, UTError Resolution System (ERS) Action Code 225 (for correspondence) is edited in the bottom left margin.