Figure 3.11.213-7 provides an example of how to edit CCC G.The Name line shows Seagull Land Development with SEAG edited as the name control.The address shows as 3345 Heron Road, New Orleans, LA 70113.The tax period is edited in YYMM format as 2212 to the left of the printed tax year on the Form 1066, 2022 revision.Box A indicates the EIN is 00-9675346.Box B indicates 4-1-89 as the REMIC start date.Box C indicates $2,621,324.00 in total assets.The word Amended is written in the center of Page 1 (Form 1066).Received date stamped as 03152024 Ogden, UTCCC G is edited to the dotted portion of Section 1, Line 1.Line 1 taxable interest is 214,113.Line 4 Ordinary gain or loss is 600,211.Line 6 Total income is 814,324.The example here shows the signature portion brought forward with the signature of Robin Bunting on the signature line and a signed date of 3/11/24.