Figure 3.11.213-8 provides an example of the editing of the number of residual holders. This information is found on Line F, Page 3 (Form 1066).Page 3 line F is showing in the background with Form 1066 page 1 brought forthForm 1066 indicates Gull Partnership as the name of the REMIC.Address indicates 1275 Swan St. Detroit MI, 48233.Box A indicates the EIN is 00-2185763.Box B indicates 4-26-88 as start date of REMIC.Box C indicates $675,245.00 as total assets.Received date stamp indicates 03152024 at Ogden, UTThe number of residual holders on Page 3, Line F is 9.The number of residual holders 9 from Line F is edited to the left margin of the Deductions section preceded by 3-.