Figure 3.11.213-10 provides an example of the editing of the Installment Sale Indicator. Figure 3.11.213-10 shows one Form 1066 followed by two Forms 6252Form 6252, line 3 contains the question, Was the property sold to a related party (see instructions) after May 14, 1980? If No, skip to Line 4.Form 1066 indicates Hawk Farms Joint Venture as name of business with Hawk underlined indicating the name control.Address is shown as 5430 Robin Road, Fargo, ND 58102.Box A shows 00-4567908 as the EIN.Box B shows 6-1-91 as REMIC start date.Box C indicates $72,377.00 in total assets.Received date stamp is 03152024 in Ogden, UT.The first Form 6252 has the No box checked. (The question is NOT answered on the other 6252.)Based on the response of the first Form 6252, edit a 2 preceded by 9- to the left margin of the Deductions section..