Exhibit 3.11.213-1 shows the transcription lines on Page 1 of the Form 1066. The name control on the Name line is a transcription field.The street address, city, state and Zip code are transcription fields. The Tax Period shown in the upper right corner between the form title and OMB box is a transcription field.Box A, EIN, is a transcription field.A notation on the face of the exhibit instructs the tax examiner to edit the amount from Schedule L, Line 4(b) if Box C, Total Assets, is blank. Box A is a transcription field.A second notation on the face of the exhibit points to the Name Change box (Line D, Item (2) and states, if box checked, route to Entity.A third notation refers to the Received Date which is a transcription field and is required on all Forms 1066.A fourth notation shows that Number of residual holders, TEFRA, Missing Schedule Code, Audit Codes and Installment Sales Indicator information is edited in the left hand margin of the Deductions Area of the Form 1066 preceded by the respective numbers.A fifth notation is that the Total Tax amount (Line 1, Section II, Page 1, Form 1066, must be brought forward from the Line 12 of the Schedule J.Part D indicates needs to indicate with appropriate box being checked for final return, name change and/or address change.Line 2 in Section II is a transcription line.Lines 3 and 4 in Section II are transcription lines and need to be computed if blank.A sixth notation explains that if the preparer information is invalid, to circle the invalid information.A seventh notation shows the ERS action code is edited in the bottom left margin of Page 1, Form 1066.