This is an example of a completed Form 1120-S (Page 1 top part only). The street address includes a c/o. The Name Control (HICK) is underlined and c/o is circled in red.Form 1120-S, Page 1, Entity part, current year returnTop left corner of Form 1120-S reads: DRAFTBox A shows 01-01-90 for the effective date of the S electionBox B shows 621330 for the Business Activity CodeBox D shows 00-2233456 for the Employer Identification Number (EIN)Box E shows 01-01-90 for the date incorporated.Hickory Evaluations Inc. shown on the name line and HICK is underlined in red as the name controlc/o 244 Aspen Lane is shown for the street address line and c/o is circled out in redSt. Louis, MO 63155 is shown for the city, state, and ZIP code lineBox F shows 310,008 for Total AssetsBox I shows 1 for the Number of Shareholders during any part of the tax year