This is an example of a completed calendar year Form 1120-S (Page 1 only). The IRS Received Date stamp is 03252024 and the envelope postmark date is March 15, 2024. The return is considered timely filed. The received date day is circled and the postmark received day 15 is edited above it.Top left corner of Form 1120-S reads: DRAFTBox A shows 07-26-70 for the effective date of the S electionBox B shows 444130 for the Business Activity CodeBox D shows 00-7024653 for the Employer Identification Number (EIN)Box E shows 07-26-70 for the date incorporated.Larch Hardware Inc. is shown on the name line and LARC is underlined as the name control19 South 35th St. is shown for the street address lineHouston, TX 77013 is shown for the city, state, and ZIP code lineBox F shows $98,000 for Total AssetsBox I shows 3 for the Number of Shareholders during any part of the tax yearLine 5, Other income (loss), shows 94,593Line 6, Total income (loss) shows 94,593Line 9, Repairs and maintenance, shows 2,150Line 10, Bad debts, shows 1,500There is a text box located to the left of the received date stamp that reads as follows:The Return is Timely - Tax Period - 2312Due Date - 3/15/24Received Date - 03/25/24Postmark Date - 03/15/24Circle 25 from the Received Date and edit 15 above the date.There is an envelope below the Form 1120-S and the text box.The envelope has a postmark to the left of a Liberty Bell stamp with the following information:Houston, TXMAR15202377013The envelope is addressed toINTERNAL REVENUE SERVICEOGDEN UT 84201