This is an example of editing the Number of Shareholders. Top left corner of Form 1120-S reads: DRAFTBox A shows 07/03/95 for the effective date of the S electionBox B shows 441120 for the Business Activity CodeBox D shows 00-0599456 for the Employer Identification Number (EIN)Box E shows 07/03/95 for the date incorporated.Beech & Sons HVAC is shown on the name line and BEEC is underlined as the name control1478 Maple St. is shown for the street address lineFargo, ND 58102 is shown for the city, state and ZIP code lineBox F shows $0 for Total AssetsThere are three Schedule K-1’s attached to the Form 1120-S. Top left corner of Schedule K-1’s reads: DRAFT. A 3 has been edited in red to Form 1120-S, Line I, Number of Shareholders, since Line I is blank and there are three Schedule K-1’s attached. Line 1a, Gross receipts or sales, shows 65,500Line 1c, Balance, shows 65,500Line 3, Gross profit, shows 65,500Line 6, Total income (loss) shows 65,500Line 11, Rents shows 2,300Line 13, Interest shows 17,653IRS Received date stamp shows:RECEIVED00106172024OGDEN, UTIRS-OSC