This is an example of a completed Form 1120-S (Page 1 only). Form 1125-A, Cost of Goods Sold, is attached and includes an entry for cost of labor on Line 3. Form 1125-A, Cost of Goods Sold, is attached to Form 1120-SA text box located at the top of Form 1125-A reads: Edit the Salary and Wage Code “1” to Form 1120-S. There is an arrow pointing from the bottom of the text box to Line 3, Cost of labor, 581,900.Top left corner of Form 1120-S reads: DRAFTForm 1125-A, Name shows Cedar Chiropractic Clinic, PAForm 1125-A, Employer identification number shows 00-4551212Form 1125-A, Line 3, Cost of labor, shows 581,900Form 1120-S, Box A shows 1/01/1988 for the effective date of the S electionForm 1120-S, Box B shows 621310 for the Business Activity CodeForm 1120-S, Name line reads: Cedar Chiropractic Clinic, PA and CEDA is underlined as the name controlForm 1120-S, Address line reads: 361 Highway 12Form 1120-S, City, state, and ZIP code line reads: Tampa, FL 33602Form 1120-S, Box D shows 00-4551212 for the Employer Identification Number (EIN)Form 1120-S, Box E shows 10/30/1980 for the date incorporated.Form 1120-S, Box F shows $591,000 for Total AssetsForm 1120-S, Box I shows 2 for the Number of Shareholders during any part of the tax yearForm 1120-S, Line 1a, Gross receipts or sales, shows 1,145,500Form 1120-S, Line 1c, Balance, shows 1,145,500Form 1120-S, Line 3, Gross profit, shows 1,145,500Form 1120-S, Line 5, Other income (loss), shows 5,500Form 1120-S, Line 6, Total income (loss) shows 1,151,000Form 1120-S, Line 7, Compensation of officers, shows 144,500Form 1120-S, Line 8, Salaries and wages, shows a Salary and Wage Code 1 edited in red to the right of Line 8Form 1120-S, Line 9, Repairs and maintenance, shows 18,000Form 1120-S, Line 11, Rents, shows 30,200Form 1120-S, Line 12, Taxes and license, shows 67,050Form 1120-S, IRS Received Date stamp shows: IRS Received date stamp shows:RECEIVED00103142024OGDEN, UTIRS-OSC