This is an example of a completed Form 1120-S (Page 1 only). An attachment (Statement 1, Other deductions) includes an entry for Cost of Labor. The Salary and Wage Code 1 is edited to the right of Form 1120-S, Line 8.Top left corner of Form 1120-S reads: DRAFTBox A shows 05/05/97 for the effective date of the S electionBox B shows 598320 for the Business Activity CodeBox D shows 00-3367842 for the Employer Identification Number (EIN)Box E shows 01/01/97 for the date incorporated.Hemlock or Less, Inc. is shown on the name line and HEML is underlined as the name control5484 Larch Ln. is shown for the street address lineRochester, NY 14603 is shown for the city, state, and ZIP code lineBox F shows $35,014 for Total AssetsBox I shows 3 for the Number of Shareholders during any part of the tax yearLine 1a, Gross receipts or sales, shows 27,554Line 1c shows 27,554Line 6 shows 27,554Salary and Wage Code 1 is edited in red to the right of Form 1120-S, Line 8To the left of Line 19 reads: See Statement 1Line 19, Other deductions, shows 14,055Line 20, Total deductions, shows 14,055Line 21, Ordinary business income (loss) shows 13,499An attachment (Statement 1, Other Deductions) is attached to Form 1120-S (below Line 1a) and includes an entry for Cost of Labor. The following items are shown on the attachment:Statement 1 (Other deductions)Advertising 2,898Meals and Entertainment 1,657Cost of Labor 5,035Repairs and Maintenance 4,465Totals 14,055