Figure has an illustration describing the breakdown of the Document Locator Number.Document Locator Number fields completed:File Location Code: 00Tax Class: 2Document Code: 23Julian Date: 050Block Number: 012Sequence Number: 03Year Digit: 4Top part of the Form 8752 has the following fields completed:Document Locator Number (in the top right corner of Form 8752): 00223-050-01203-4Below the top part of the Form 8752 has the following information:File Location Code - Identifies the service center or district area processing the document.Tax Class - Identifies the type of return or document that was filed.Text box reads: Tax Class1 - 941, 943, 945 5 - 706, 7092 - 1040, 1041, 1065, 8752 7 - CT-13 - 1120 8 - 9404 - 720, 11-C, 2290, 730 9 - MixedDocument Code - Identifies the type of document within a tax class.Text box reads: Document (with a list of forms under that column) and then CODE (with a list of codes for the specific form listed)FORM 720 20FORM 2290 95FORM 11-C 03FORM 8752 23Julian Date - Identifies the day of the year the document is numbered. Example:Calendar Control Date02-19-24 050Block Number - Identifies the different categories or document control for input to the Master File.Sequence Number - Identifies the sequence of a document within a block. The maximum number will be 100 and the documents are numbered from 00 to 99.Year Digit - the last digit of a processing year.