CC ATINQ ScreenThis is a picture of the CC ATINQ screen with the elements identified that are applicable when a ERS/Rejects Tax Examiner is suspending a Form 1040 or Form 1040-SR. for an ATIN to be assigned for a missing dependents TIN. They will look for the Status Code A, S, or R in the first line, third element STAT-CD>. If in A status, they will look for the assigned ATIN in the first element on the second line and edit it on the return and input it on the ERS screen. If in S status, they will continue to suspend in ERS. If in R status, they will disallow the dependent and continue processing the return. If the ATIN is assigned, they will also input the ATIN Assigned Date for the RPD. The first line is ATINQ, Primary or Secondary SSN, DLN of the Form W-7A, STAT-CD A, R, or S, EXT-STAT which is the extension status and EXT-DT. The EXT-DT generates for 21 months after the ATIN is assigned. The remaining items on Row 2 are ATIN-DT, STAT-DT, and EMP-NUM. The 3rd row is DT-SIGNED, RECD, LOADED, STAT-RSN-CD. The 4th row is PRIMARY-NAME, SSN, SIGN-IND, PHONE, and DOC. The 5th row is FST-NM and LST-NM. Next row is SECONDARY-NAME and SSN. 6th row is SECONDARY-NAME AND SSN. 7th row is the name. Rows 8, 9, and 10 are the Mailing Address. The remaining items on the screen will not be applicable to any Form 1040 or Form 1040-SR. information. They regard the Placement Information and Power of Attorney (POA). The POA, if specified, is only applicable to the Form W-7A, not the Form 1040 or Form 1040-SR.. The remaining fields beginning with Row 8 are as follows: MAIL-STR-ADDR>576 LINCOLN AVE W NOT-DT>08092009 TYPE-CD>561 MAIL-CTY-ADDR>ANAHEIM UNDELV-NOT-CD-DT> NOT-CD> MAIL-ST-ADDR>CA ZIP>92803 UNDELV-EMP-NUM> CHILD-SSN>000-00-0000 CHILD-DOB>12012007 CHILD-SEX>F CHILD-BIRTH-INFO CHILD-ADOPTED-NAME FST-NM>OLIVIA-ADDISON KATIE MID-NM>KNIGHT LYNN LST-NM>DUFF WHITE POB-CTY>LA JOLLA ST>CA CNTY> PLACEMENT-AG-NM>BETHANY CHRISTIAN SERVICES PLACEMENT-DT>12192007 AG-STR-ADDR>14125 WILSON AVE STE 12 AG-CTY-ADDR>ANAHEIM ST>CA ZIP>928030000000 POA-NM> POA-STR-ADDR> POA-CTY-ADDR> ST> ZIP>REMARKS>ASSIGN.