CC Asign screenThis is a picture of the ASIGNU screen where the account is in Status Code H. Status Code H means that there is a possible duplicate because at least one Form W-7A has been transcribed for the Primary SSN. The Tax Examiner will research the Primary and Secondary SSN and determine from the child's name(s) whether this application is in the process of being assigned, if this is a different child with the same parent, or if there are twins (same birth date). The following fields are shown on the screen: ASIGNU DLN>18696250000008 STAT-CD>H EXT-STAT> EXT-DT> ATIN> ATIN-DT> STAT-DT>09162008 EMP-NUM> DT-SIGNED>09052008 RECD>09052008 LOADED>09162008 STAT-RSN-CD> - - - - PRIMARY-NAME SSN>000-00-8090 SIGN-IND>1 PHONE>(512)555-6682 DOC>1 FST-NM>DOMINICK LST-NM>BLACK SECONDARY-NAME SSN>000-00-8148 FST-NM>KELLY LST-NM>BLACK MAIL-STR-ADDR>14 POLK RD NOT-DT> TYPE-CD> MAIL-CTY-ADDR>NEWARK UNDELV-NOT-CD-DT> NOT-CD> MAIL-ST-ADDR>NJ ZIP>071020000000 UNDELV-EMP-NUM> CHILD-SSN>000-00-0000 CHILD-DOB>10131998 CHILD-SEX>F CHILD-BIRTH-INFO CHILD-ADOPTED-NAME FST-NM>SAMIRAWIT SAMIRAWIT MID-NM>DOMINICK ROSE LST-NM>MASTRO BLACK POB-CTY>ADDIS ABABA/ETHIOPIA * ST>ET* CNTY> PLACEMENT-AG-NM>WIDE HORIZONS FOR CHILDREN PLACEMENT-DT>12082007 AG-STR-ADDR>71 TAFT ST AG-CTY-ADDR>ROCHESTER ST>NY ZIP>146030000000 POA-NM> POA-STR-ADDR> POA-CTY-ADDR> ST> ZIP> REMARKS> .