This is a copy of the August 2013 revision of the Form W-7, Application for IRS Individual Taxpayer Identification Number. If the taxpayer phones the ATIN unit for help in completing the Form W-7 after the Form W-7A has been rejected, use this blank form to follow along with the taxpayer. Filer should check box d at the top and write the child's name on the dotted line to the right. Line 1a is the Child's name, 2 is mailing address, 3 is foreign mailing address (if applicable), 4 is date of birth, country of birth, city and state or province, 5 is a checkbox for male or female, 6a is country of citizenship, 6b is foreign tax I.D. number (if applicable), 6c is type of U.S. visa which should be IR4 if child came alone to U.S. (if has not entered, will be blank), 6d is Identification documents such as passport, expiration date and entry date (which will be blank if the child has not entered the U.S.), 6e is yes/no box if you previously received a temporary TIN (which should be no), 6f is enter the TIN (should be blank), and 6g is Name of college (should be blank). Next line is Sign Here which should be signed by the parent. On the second line of this area is a box called relationship to applicant and the Parent box should be checked. The last box is for the Acceptance Agent's information, if one used.