Continuation page listing the country codes: Kalimantan Is. (Clipperton Iss. Australian) ID; Kamaran Is (Yemen) YM; Kampuchea (Cambodia, Khmer Republic) CB; Katar (Qatar) QA; Kazakhstan KZ; Keeling Iss. (Clipperton Iss. Australian Dependency) IP; Kenya KE; Kermadec Iss. (New Zealand) NZ; Khios (Greece) GR; Khmer Republic (Cambodia Kampuchea) CB; Kingman Reef (KQ); Kiribati KR; Korea, Democratic People's Republic of (North Korea) KN; Korea, Republic of (South Korea) KS; Kosovo (Serbia) SR; Kuril Iss. (Russia) RS; Kuwait KU; Kwajalein Is. (Marshall Iss. US Territory) RM; Kwangtung Territory (China People's Republic of) CH; Kzrgystan KG; Kyushu Is (Japan) JA; Labrador (Canada) CA; Laccadive Iss. (Lakshadweep Iss. Cannanore Iss. India) IN; Lampedusa Is. (Italy) IT; Laos LA; Latvia LG; Lebanon LE; Lesotho LT; Lesser Sunda Iss. (Indonesia) ID; Lesvos Is. (Greece) GR; Liaoning Province (China, People's Republic of) CH; Liberia LI; Libya LY; Liechtenstein LS; Limnos Is. (Greece); Line Iss. (Kiribati) KR; Lithuania LH; Lombok Is. (Indonesia) ID; Londonberry (Northern Ireland) UK; Long Is. (Bahamas) BF; Lord Howe Is. (Australia) AS; Louisiade Archipelago (Papua New Guinea) PP; Loyalty Iss. (Loyoute Iss. Kiribati) KR; Luxembourg LU; Macau (Macao Portuguese Territory) MC; McDonald Iss. (Heard & McDonald Iss. Australia) HM; Macedonia MK; Macquarie Is. (Australian Territory) AS; Madagascar (Malagasy Republic) MA; Madeira Iss. (Portugal) PO; Madura Is. (Indonesia) ID; Magdalen Iss. (Madeleine Iss. Canada) CA; Malagasy Republic (Madagascar) MA; Note Is. = Island; Iss. = Islands; Continued on next page.