Final page containing the listing of country codes: Vancouver Is. (Canada) CA; Vanuatu (formerly New Hebrides) NH; Vatican City VT; Venezuela VE; Vietnam VM; Virgin Gorda Is. (British Virgin Iss.) VI; Virgin Iss. (British) VI; Virgin Iss. (US Territory VQ); Wake Is. (US Territory) WQ; Wales (UK) UK; Wallis & Futuna Iss. (French Adm. Div.) WF; Walpole Is. (New Caledonia); West Bank (Palestine) WE; West Irian (Indonesia) ID; West New Guinea (Irian Jaya Indonesia) ID; Western Sahara (Spanish Sahara) WI; Western Samoa WS; Wright, Isle of (UK) UK; Windward Iss. (St. Vincent & the Grenadines) VC; Yemen (Aden) YM; Yugoslavia (no longer exists - now Serbia) YU; Yukon (Canada) CA; Zaire (Congo, Democratic Rep. of) CG; Zambia ZA; Zimbabwe ZI; Under the heading of Miscellaneous: US born (non-citizen), (i.e., diplomat, etc.) XX; If a country is not listed OC; Country of birth and/or country of citizenship not recognized as a foreign sovereignty ZZ; Unknown Country UC; Note Is. = Island; Iss. = Islands.