Form 3244, Payment Posting VoucherFigure 3.13.122-3 shows the Form 3244, Payment Posting Voucher, is used to instruct Error Resolution Rejects employees to correct the transaction codes. There are numbered circles on this document from 1 through 10. Box 1 = Document Locator Number (DLN) if available; Box 2 = Taxpayer identification Number (TIN); Box 3 = Master File Tax (MFT) Code; Box 4 = Tax Period in YYYYMM format; Box 5 = Plan number for MFT 76, or the Report Number for MFT 46 if applicable; Box 6 = Received Date in MMDDYYYY format; Box 7 = Full name and address of the taxpayer; Box 8 = Information pertinent to the case; Box 9 = Employee Number and name of unit; Box 10 = Transaction data as appropriate. There is a note that reads to print all information legibly.