NRP6610 – IMF Notice List SummaryThe following is an example of an IMF Notice List printout that details all CPs that have been issued in the submission processing campuses. The printout displays items identified with numbers presented in parentheses preceding each item. The numbers are referenced in the text that follows the printout. This text provides descriptions of the items referred to. File page number, displaying the number 000001Current date, displaying 11-18-2024File title, displaying IMF NOTICE LISTSubmission processing campus name, displaying AUSTINPage number, displaying page number 1Output file number, displaying NRP6610CP number displaying 10Notice count, displaying 25Current cycle, displaying 202448Social Security Number (SSN), displaying the acronym SSNTax Period, displayingDocument Locator Number (DLN)Notice amount or first notice DLNNRPS Primary selection key, manual intervention or subagency codes, or blankNotice sequence numberThis report lists notices generated for the cycle. The letter preceding the sequence number indicates whether the notice is a Selected (B) or Non-Selected (C) notice. This list is in SSN order by CP.