The Figure shows the format needed to input CC NOREF on IDRS. First line, upper left corner, contains only Command Code NOREF.Second Line shows C#,20XX01N,B,RFDL. C# establishes the control base. The next four digits are the year. The next two digits are the cycle. The next entry is N or T. If the case has a notice use N. If the case is a Transcript use T. The next entry is B for the case control status code. The next entry is RFDL which is the IDRS category code for refund delete.Third line enter 10 Digit TE#, * - The * will generate today’s date for the control base.Fourth line leave Blank.Fifth line is the TC 846 Amount the same as the refund amount.Sixth line is the Location Code from TXMOD PRIMARY-LOC> first two digitsSeventh line is Refund Deletion code.