Three reports identified in the text used for balancing. Identified below is three reports.The RPS0341, RPS Remittance Recap, has three columns and a total amount at the bottom of the page. The columns read horizontally and have the following information: Tax ClassCountAmountTotal Blocks, Counts, Amounts (bottom line of report)The SCF1142, RPS IMF Master Control Record, lists the DLN(s), document count, and money amount. There is also five summary totals: File location code totalTax Class SubtotalsTax Class TotalsTotalsTotal Error- CodedThe SCF1143, RPS IMF Control Date Recap - Master Control Records, has a horizontal listing of data in the following categories: Control DateDocument CountDebitsPre-journalized Deposit Credits and Non-Deposit CreditsOther PJ Debits and CreditsTotal PJ Debits and Credits