Shown is a Form 12356 with information about the following boxes:Input the Discovering Function.Input the Date of Discovery.Input the area responsible for the issuance of the erroneous refund.Input the Category of the erroneous refund case (See IRM and IRM whether the ERRF posted as a TC 846 or TC 840.Input the erroneous refund amount.Input the posting date, RSN and DLN of the erroneous refund transaction, and the posted amount of the refund.Input one of the ERSED periods (2 year or 5 year) applies for the erroneous refund.Input the IDRS date of: the 510-C letter and applicable Date of DemandInput the IDRS date of the TC 470 CC 93 (only if a TC 470 was not previously input or has expired).Input the date of the TC 844.Enter the TIN, MFT, Tax Period, and full name and address of the taxpayer to whom the erroneous refund was issued.Enter the same information for the X-REF taxpayer if one is involved.Provide detailed written explanation of the cause of the erroneous refund. Enter the IDRS number and STOP number of the Discovering Function employee, and the Form 12356 completion date.The discoverer’s manager or coordinator signs and enters the date of referral.