This figure contains two graphics. The first graphic represents the Form 1040 (page 1) with the entity portion completed.The name line is Negasso Cheleleka. MINOR is edited in red beside the name.On the Additional Information Line (AIL) of Form 1040, the name of Tedros Cheleleka is edited and underlined in red.The TIN is 000-00-3663.The street address is 5506 Shinfa St. It has been underlined in red.The city as Addis Ababa.The foreign country name is Ethiopia, which is edited with a red slash before and after Ethiopia and a dollar sign ($).The filing status is single. A Computer Condition Code (CCC) Y is edited in red in the blank space toward the middle of the area above the Dependent area. This indicates that this return needs to be processed as a manual refund to ensure that the refund check is issued in the correct name.An action trail of Manual Refund is edited to the lower-left margin of Form 1040 in red.The second graphic represents the bottom half of Form 1040 (page 2), showing a refund of $120.67. The signature area contains the name Tedros Cheleleka, parent of a minor child.