This figure represents the top portion of a Form 1040 (page 1) with the entity section completed:The filing status is single.The name is Cindy Kazan.The TIN is 000-00-9275.The street address as 2846 Pelly St.(which is underlined in red).The city is Montreal.The country is Canada. A slash is edited before and after the country name of Canada, along with a dollar sign.The foreign province/state/county is Quebec. The city of Quebec has been circled in red and QC was edited in red as the official abbreviation.The foreign postal code was originally empty, but has been edited in red with H3B5G5.Canada uses mail routing codes instead of ZIP codes and should be edited if available. The return envelope is attached which contains a matching address with the code (H3B 5G5), which was entered in the foreign postal code box.